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[06 Jul 2010|04:24pm]
And here it is - 3-2 Holland! The Dutch go on!

I'd love to see a Netherlands-Germany match for the final, meself.
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[06 Jul 2010|02:55pm]
I don't even care how the rest of the game turns out, van Bronkhorst's goal was absolutely amazing. Fireball from outside the box to the upper right 90 - beautiful.
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My training is nearly complete [06 Jul 2010|12:22am]
Tonight, I managed to convince 2 British girls, 3 New Zealanders, and a Scotsman that I was a native Irisher, from Dublin. The fact that I was drunk negated the fact that they were drunk.

Now, all I have to do is convince a native Irisher of my Irishness, and my training is complete.
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[20 May 2010|01:20pm]
Terrible fucking day. Hit on pretty much all fronts by all sorts of bullshit, mental and physical. Everything I do seems to backfire, and everything I don't do makes me feel like a lazy, useless asshole. Not to mention that everyone else seems to have everything together, without even trying, and my trying just leads me right back to the beginning.

If it wasn't for the band, I'd be the fuck out here in a heartbeat - try my luck somewhere else, maybe in the west or something. But even the band is slacking hardcore - 1 month of recording studio time left, and we still have a whole other album to write the bloody songs for. The shows are rather sparse, too, so I don't really make any money there, either.

All in all, I feel like a useless sack of shit, and will until (a) I get a job or (b) I play a show that pays me more than $50. And from what I've seen, the odds of either of those happening are shit.
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[15 May 2010|02:09pm]
I rather enjoy the fact that I never update this fooker unless I'm going through some personal stress.

This one is no exception - my girlfriend and I are no longer. It kinda sucks, and it's kinda a release, too - which is why I'm not all sobby about it.

Sorry, nothing else to say.
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I hate excercising will power [28 Feb 2010|07:22pm]
Why is it that I'm only enormously attractive to the opposite sex when my girlfriend's in another country? 3 girls in as many shows would probably have jumped me if I didn't tell them I wasn't single. And they were all very, very attractive ladies - hence the title.

I love the fact that I go for years essentially being all emo about my lack of prospects, and then everything does a 180 flip all of a sudden.
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[14 Feb 2010|08:15pm]
Bought meself a new trombone - quite a far cry from the student models I've been playing with, and less than a third of the price of a new one, and it's in almost perfect condition. I've had it for 4 days, and I'm already in love with it. I don't feel like I'm forcing sound out of it to play; more like it takes anything I give it and makes it beautiful. I'm really looking forward to getting used to it.

My birthday's tomorrow. 22 years on this planet. Everything still sucks, but I'm slowly getting more and more control over what parts suck and how much they do. Is that maturity? Because if it is, it's kinda depressing.
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[28 Jan 2010|02:13am]
So I think I've found out why I'm sick all the time - reccurant tonsilitis. Sucks, but not truly health-damaging. Can't get any surgery done until I've got a break in my gigs, so I've got to wait another two weeks, at least.

Of course, this is all amateur diagnosis brought on by watching too much House, but I'm willing to make a bet that it's tonsilitis and not strep or something worse. Say, $20? Any takers?

American dollars, of course - I'm not that rich.
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So I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D [15 Jan 2010|05:00am]
For the first 20 minutes, I was dazzled. It was a great movie, with great effects, funny characters, and an original plot.
Then they talked about an expensive metal they wanted to grab called... wait for it... "obtanium".

That was about when my suspension of disbelief snapped, and I came out of the 3D-induced coma. That was also when I started to accurately predict every characters actions throughout the rest of the movie.

Final verdict: the special effects were top-notch, but everything else kinda... well, sucked. Entirely too long, all the characters were predictable, and the inner message was a little touchy-feely for my cynical mind - it's a good one, but also an unrealistic one.

Feel free to agree/disagree/whatever.
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[03 Jan 2010|05:45pm]
You know you're getting old when the "hot new thing" in movie actresses is someone that you've never heard of before in your life.

Or you just don't give a shit.

I think I'm a combination of the two, actually.

Happy New Year, y'all.
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Topics I always start to comment on, and then think better of: [11 Dec 2009|02:50am]
- Global warming (ahem, "climate change")
- Gay marriage
- Religion
- War on "Terrorism"
- "Moral values"
- Evolution
- For some reason I thought this list would be longer.

Anyway, if you feel like having an actual conversation about any of these topics, I would love to do so. But you've been warned - if you disagree with me, it'll be very interesting.
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[29 Nov 2009|03:05am]
They're making a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie!

Here's the bad news - Keanu Reeves is playing Spike.

All I can say is that he better step up his god-damned performance - if Spike comes across as a Buddhist/Zen master (which Spike is NOT), I'm tracking down everyone at 20th Century Fox. Making a live-action movie of a good anime series is tough enough, but they didn't have to make it harder by casting Keanu "I am the Matrix, man" Reeves.
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Veteran's Day [11 Nov 2009|02:24am]
On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month (11 a.m., November 11th, 1918), a cease-fire was called, effectively ending WWI. Now, 91 years later, the "War to End All Wars" has failed to do so.

Well, here's to another near-century of warfare!
I hope we learn something this time.
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Made me giggle [05 Nov 2009|03:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Thanks, mordant.

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Ah, nostalgia [21 Oct 2009|02:05am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

So it's almost been 5 years since I started with journal, thanks to the urgings of Beth. It's amusing how puppy-doggish I was back then, being in my first relationship at age 16 and all. And while I think it's great that I've grown out of that and all... I do kinda miss it. There's a lot of posts that make me smile, and a lot of comments that do, too.

But the mistakes that I made... I don't think I'll make those again (at least not the exact same ones). So I regret, and don't regret at the same time the decisions I made all those years ago. Learning experiences and all that.

P.S. - why did I ever stop using the emotions bar on this thing? I kinda like that penguin.

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[14 Oct 2009|02:22pm]
Once again, I have fucked myself over in the lady department. In my haste to find someone to connect with, I took the first choice, and not the most desirable choice. Now, the most desirable choice is starting to come on to me... cant do anything with her unless I break with the first choice, but it would absolutely break her heart. And I'm not that much of a cad that I will attempt to juggle two ladies at once. And I do kinda like her, but not as much as she likes me.

So I think, for the moment, I'm just going to sit on this. Let it plateau and wait it out. There's no right or wrong answer - it's a matter between desire and duty, maybe? I'm not sure, but I'll find out.

Any advice?
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House prediction [01 Oct 2009|11:47am]
Okay, I'm going to call House season 6 right now.

He leaves the psych ward, goes back to work, freaks everyone out by being friendly and the like, realizes that he doesn't do quite as well of a job as a doctor when he's "happy", maybe goes back to Vicodin (and if he does, probably another brief stint in the ward, although I don't think that's going to happen - they didn't develop those characters enough), everyone at the hospital gives him advice, and then he finds a happy medium and continues to be good ol' House, but able to turn the nasty on and off when he has to.

So if Season 6 actually does turn out this way, you heard it here first.
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[30 Sep 2009|11:49am]
I still think it's rather amusing that my luck with the opposite sex really goes to the extremes. Either absolutely nothing's going on, or everything just seems to go crazy, like this weekend.

I'd just like to find the happy median between the two, y'know? I mean, taking a road trip down to Virginia to see a lady would be great, but...
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When you see this... [20 Sep 2009|01:22am]
...quote Blackadder in your LiveJournal.

As private parts to the gods are we! They play with us for their sport!
- Melchett

Lord Flash-heart: "You should treat your aircraft like you treat your woman."
Blackadder: - "So you should take your plane out to dinner and a movie?"
LF: "No, get in her 5 times a day and take her to heaven and back!"
- Lord Flash-Heart & Edmund

"If we do happen to step on a mine, Sir, what do we do ?"
"Normal procedure, Lieutenant, is to jump 200 feet in the air and scatter oneself over a wide area."
- George & Edmund
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[18 Sep 2009|01:17am]
I find that I'm only really, truely happy these days when I have a metric fuck-ton of new music to listen to/play on mandolin.
Also, I find that I'm only really truely sad when I'm forced to play music with assholes. Or I'm sick. Or a nasty combination of the two.
And all 3 of these hit me this evening.
Which makes me really, truely confused.

Whatever, show in Kingston tomorrow night. Gotta play well for the MILFs, never know what's gonna go down, yeah?
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